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August 16, 2023 3 min read

When it comes to baby brands in New Zealand, there are many amazing options:


  • Lamington Socks: That's us! Lamington socks are the number one choice for baby socks in New Zealand. Lamington is a well-known brand that specialise in merino wool socks for babies, toddlers, and children. Their socks are made from soft and breathable merino wool, which helps to regulate temperature and keep little feet warm and comfortable.


  • Little Flock of Horrors: LFOH specialise in children's clothing, including baby clothing. They are known for their high-quality, stylish, and comfortable garments made from merino wool.


  • Babu: Babu offers a range of baby essentials made from high-quality organic cotton. Their product line includes clothing, bedding, blankets, and accessories. Babu is known for its soft and comfortable fabrics.


  • Baby Caterpillar: Baby Caterpillar offer a premium, natural merino baby sleepwear for newborn babies and toddlers.


  • Little Belle Lights: Little Belle Lights create beautifully crafted keepsakes to help little one’s sleep. Each Little Belle is individually handcrafted from porcelain giving each product its bespoke uniqueness.


  • Pretty Brave: Pretty Brave is known for its modern designs and attention to detail. Their footwear collection includes soft-soled baby shoes, toddler shoes, and kids' shoes. They use premium materials such as genuine leather and durable fabrics to ensure both comfort and longevity.


  • Brolly sheets: Brolly Sheets specialise in waterproof bedding protection products for children. They offer a range of innovative and practical products designed to protect mattresses, bedding, and other surfaces from accidents and spills.


  • Buck and Baa: Buck and Baa is a NZ based children's clothing brand with a social and environmental conscience. Gorgeous organic baby clothing with simple prints in neutral colours.


  • Fluffy Ducks: Fluffy Ducks have created a truly beautiful nappy that will fit newborn right through to toddler, they are trim enough that you will not have to size up in clothes and yet absolutely bomb proof with our 6-layer bamboo inserts. They also give you the option of using as an all in two (snap in the insert next to bubs skins) or pocket stuff (stuff the insert in the pocket).


  • Nature Baby: Nature Baby offers a wide range of organic and sustainable baby products, including clothing, bedding, skincare, and toys. Their products are made from natural materials and are gentle on sensitive baby skin.


  • Haakaa: Haakaa is a New Zealand brand that specialise in breastfeeding and baby feeding products. They offer a range of innovative and eco-friendly products such as silicone breast pumps, bottles, and feeding accessories.


  • The Sleep Store: The Sleep Store is a New Zealand-based online retailer offering a variety of baby sleep products. They have a wide selection of swaddles, sleeping bags, and sleep aids to help promote safe and restful sleep for babies.


  • Burrow and Be: Burrow and Be is a family owned and operated business located in NZ. Ethical, organic + unique baby + kids clothes, bedding & baby gifts.


  • EcoStore: EcoStore offers a range of baby and household products made from plant-based and environmentally friendly ingredients. Their baby range includes gentle bath and skincare products, laundry detergents, and cleaning supplies.


Remember to always read reviews, check for safety certifications, and consider your baby's specific needs when choosing baby brands. It's also a good idea to consult with other parents or seek recommendations from healthcare professionals for personalized advice.



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