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New Zealand Made Lamington Socks

NZ-made, Merino Wool Socks
With our beautiful environment and enviable pastures that are home to millions of sheep, it’s not surprising that us Kiwis intrinsically have a close affinity to wool. We always knew we wanted our socks to be made with merino, and we’re proud to take high quality wool and transform it into our award-winning socks, right here in New Zealand.
We’ve chosen to partner with a New Zealand-based manufacturer who is aligned with our vision for a more sustainable and ethical future. They utilise strategic partnerships with factories who have signed declarations promoting ethical employment. Our manufacturer also chooses to actively manage their consumables and are always looking to reduce the impact of this consumption.
This includes:
Using water sourced from local sources and all treating wastewater via local treatment plants.

Using power sourced from local rain fed renewable resources continuing to drive their power consumption down, via the use of Industry 4.0 methodology.

Using natural gas for firing its boiler. Natural gas is much more efficient and cleaner than other forms of firing such as heavy oil or diesel.
Shopping with us means also supporting a network of Kiwi businesses who are doing their bit for a brighter future for New Zealand.


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