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Merino Wool Baby Tights

Merino Wool Baby Tights in NZ

Little legs stay warm and comfortable with our cute but practical Merino wool baby tights.

These snuggly Merino wool baby tights keep your little one warm, providing an extra layer of warmth on chilly days. 

With their high-waisted fit the tights sit comfortably over a nappy, without being too tight on little tummies. 

With the comfort to wriggle, move and explore without falling down, our tights are practical under a skirt, shorts or even under longer garments for that extra snug factor.

Why Merino wool baby tights are perfect for little ones

Our Merino wool baby tights are crafted with the finest Merino wool for snuggly softness and warmth. 

Famous for its exceptional quality, Merino wool is the perfect choice for baby tights in NZ

Delicately soft fibres ensure a luxurious feel against your little one's delicate skin, providing ultimate comfort throughout the day. 

With its natural breathability and gentle warmth, Merino wool baby tights offer the ideal combination of cosiness and breathability, making them a must-have for your baby's wardrobe!

Why NZ parents choose our Merino baby tights

Merino wool baby tights are the best choice for your bub’s comfort and well-being. Merino wool's natural moisture-wicking properties keep babies dry and cosy, making it ideal for baby tights. 

Not only does Merino wool provide insulation to keep your little one warm in cooler weather, but it also ensures breathability, preventing overheating during active playtime. 

Our wool baby tights in NZ offer the perfect balance of comfort and functionality, ensuring your baby stays happy and content throughout the day, no matter the weather.

We care about sustainability and ethical sourcing

At Lamington Socks, we prioritise ethical and environmentally friendly practices in every aspect of our business, ensuring that your Merino wool baby tights are not only safe for your little one but also gentle on the planet. 

We are committed to ethical wool sourcing, using high-quality Merino wool from New Zealand's pristine environment for our baby tights. 

Partnering with local manufacturers who share our sustainability values, we uphold ethical standards throughout the production process, from utilising renewable resources to responsibly managing consumables. 

By choosing our Merino baby tights, you support a network of Kiwi businesses dedicated to creating a brighter and more sustainable future for New Zealand families.

Our customer service makes online shopping a breeze

At Lamington Socks, we understand the importance of quick and easy customer service, especially for busy parents and families!

With over 1500 5-star reviews from happy customers, you can shop with confidence knowing you're choosing a brand that cares. 

We're proud to have donated 1500 pairs of socks to charitable organisations across the country, reflecting our commitment to making a positive impact. 

With our seamless online shopping experience, finding the perfect Merino wool baby tights in NZ is easier than ever. 

Shop online now for the perfect baby tights in NZ!

From playdates to park strolls, our wool baby tights are the perfect blend of style and comfort. With sizes galore, finding the perfect fit is as easy as ABC!

Dive into a world of vibrant colours like Lilac Chalk, Cherry Blossom, and Glitter, sure to brighten any outfit. 

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