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Lamington socks our story

Like many great ideas, Lamington’s story starts with a mum who needed a better solution.


When Lamington founder, Sarah Teensma’s, daughters were young, she shared a frustration familiar to most parents - socks that simply won’t stay up or stay on active little legs. Already running business and looking to expand her brand, she saw an opportunity to not only add socks to her range, but to design them exactly the way she wanted them for her own children.


With her family’s close connection to skiing, she was inspired by the design of ski socks - with a key feature: sizing knitted into the sock to avoid confusion within the family! And so, Lamington’s signature, award-winning knee-high sock design was created.


Soon, word was out and demand grew, and what had begun as a kids’ t-shirt brand evolved into a premium merino wool sock brand. And while the range was initially designed for infants and children, Sarah found that women, who avidly bought socks for their kids, wanted their own Lamington socks. Once a women's range was launched, Sarah's husband borrowed her socks and became addicted, and a men's range was born.


Eighteen years on, Lamington has established a global reputation for producing high-quality merino socks and tights, made in New Zealand and stocked in high-end retailers throughout the country - and the world. And while Sarah is now supported by a tightknit team, her vision for Lamington has remained the same and is imbibed in the ethos and actions of us all: to consciously create a beautiful boutique range of top-drawer socks through the use of sustainable products and practices.


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