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Merino Wool Child Socks + Tights - ALL

Kid’s Socks 

Running, jumping, splashing and exploring - your kids need socks that can keep up with the demands of busy feet. Resilient, without the bulk of traditional wool, merino wool is ideal for kids on the go. With its temperature-regulating properties, merino socks will keep your kids’ feet cool in summer and warm in winter. Plain, patterned, knee-high and crew - there are fun colours, styles and designs that let your kids’ personality shine (or grab some sensible staples for school!).

The Kids Socks NZ Can’t Get Enough Of

When it comes to kid’s socks, NZ style, Lamington Socks has the range and quality you’ve been searching for. Manufactured with love and care, right here in New Zealand, each pair shows our commitment to comfort and durability.

Thermal Delight: Kids Thermal Socks

New Zealand winters can be chilly, can't they? That’s where our kids' thermal socks come into play. From the first frosty morning to the coldest winter night, our thermal socks promise to keep those tiny toes snug and toasty.

It's not just about the warmth, though – our kid’s thermal socks are also designed to give your kids the comfort they deserve during the winter season.

Making a Statement with Cool Kids Socks

We all know how much children love to express their unique personalities, and what better way to do so than with their clothing? More than just a basic necessity, our cool kid’s socks are a ticket to a world of creativity and self-expression. With our extensive range, children can find just the perfect pair to match their mood for the day, be it vibrant stripes for an energetic day out, funky patterns for those artsy moments, or delightful fun prints that tell a story of their own. Our cool kid’s socks don’t just keep their feet warm; they help your kids make a subtle fashion statement.

 So, next time you're looking to add that splash of fun to their wardrobe, remember, it's all about finding those cool kid’s socks that let your little one's personality shine the brightest!

Merino Kids Socks: The Perfect All-Rounder

Nature has its way of surprising us, and merino wool is one of its finest gifts. Soft, breathable, and naturally temperature-regulating, our Merino kid’s socks are a touch of luxury for your little one’s feet.

Think about those chilly mornings when the floor feels like a sheet of ice; with these socks on, your child's feet will be wrapped in warmth and comfort. And, on warmer days, there's no need to worry about sweaty feet. The breathable nature of merino wool ensures that their feet remain cool and dry. Truly, these Merino kid’s socks are a delightful blend of nature's brilliance and our commitment to your child's comfort.

An Array of Choices

Whether you're on the hunt for sports socks for weekend games or school socks for kids, Lamington has you sorted. Dive into our kid’s socks collection and discover the perfect pair for every occasion.

Sustainable and Stylish

At Lamington Socks, we believe in treading lightly on our planet. This ethos is reflected in our commitment to local manufacturing, ensuring that every pair of socks is both high quality and stylish.

Finding the Perfect Fit

Every child is unique, and so are their feet. That's why our kid’s socks range is thoughtfully designed to cater to all foot shapes and sizes, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit every time.

The Lamington Promise

Quality is our mantra. Each sock undergoes rigorous checks to ensure they stand the test of time. Plus, our friendly customer service team is always available to help with any queries.



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